Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Candy!

Hello everyone, hope this is finding everyone well rested from the weekend. I got a few things done this weekend so I am feeling pretty good, did a little shopping and some stamping. I have some other things to do also but wanted to get my post in before it got to late today. As I promised in my last post I have blog candy! I have included some Michaels, American Crafts Premium ribbons, and unknown ribbons. Card embellishments from Joann's, a Cuttlebug folder that is D'Vine Swirl, and a retired (hostess) set brand new of Warmest Regards from Stampin' Up! I am also throwing in a few of my cards. I hope that you all will enjoy these items, as they need a really great home. The stamps were an extra set I got when I hosted a party for me, myself and I which I do frequently.... I try to buy alot all at once to keep my status good and then I get the goodies from it also. All you need to do is post a comment to this and let me know what city and state you live in and one quirky thing about you. I love to hear what other people think is funny about them.... So let's have it ladies. I will draw the winner on April 13th. Keep those comments coming in and good luck.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You Cured?

I did this for the featured stamper challenge on Sunday, I love doing those and this one was no exception. This is a case from this card , of Amy's. She has a fabulous gallery check it out if you get a chance.
I am going to give this to my sister tomorrow, she had been sick with a cold since she got back from Texas on vacation. Yuck! No one likes to be sick and she is doing a class with me at the Senior Citizens Center. It should be so much fun. I don't do classes often and she is a board member so she asked me if I would. Classes kinda freak me out, I get rattled if there are too many people and the last one I had was too big. So I am a hobby demo mostly. Anyway hope you all like the card.
I am going to be posting a blog candy give away in the next few days so check back soon ladies....
Colors used, eggplant, olive and celery papers. If you ever want more info on my cards I usually list details on my gallery at SCS, or you may ask any time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marvin LOL!

Hi Everyone, today we have a story! Yeah my first one.... This is Ralph although in my town we call him Marvin, so from here out that is what he will be called.....
1. Marvin sees life through rose colored glasses.
2. Marvin seems to think that the neighbor lady next door who is 30 thinks he's a hottie....
3. He is also very color blind, hence the mismatched socks and undies. He also has never heard of clorox bleach, that is why his underclothes are a tad dingy.... Just a tad mind you...
4. This flower of Marvin's is one huge flower in, Marvin's Garden of Eden!
5. I am not much of an artist but I do know Marvin!!! LOL

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Cards...

Here is a baby card made for a friend, she has a shower to go to on Saturday and asked me to make her a card for it. I ordered they swiss dot cb folder and had hoped it would come today but the Mail person didn't have it... :( Maybe tomorrow. I thought it would be more appropriate but used the flower one instead. I really had to look for a ribbon tying tutorial and never found a video which is what I must have. (See I am challenged when it comes to reading instructions! Can't do it.... )Shy Whistler I did find a great instruction one here. I think I did an okay job, one problem I always seem to have is that the ribbons come out pointing up rather than down so I tied it then turned it over before attaching it.
I have made a few and would like your opinion on them. Are they both alright for a girl and which one would you choose? Please let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shopping Day!

Oh my I have been a bad girl the last few days.... I have had a 4 day weekend going on and I have purchased stamps from 3 different companies on line. I finally broke down and bought some Rubbernecker, I love the old folks ones with the very funny sayings, then I bought some Hanna stamps a couple of sets and a few Riley's cuz I think he is so adorable. The one of him in the Chair with his coffee is my favorite... The other one's I bought are from eclecticpaperie, a few of those Ronnie stamps. However they are sold out of the Mirror Mirror one that I wanted most. Maybe next weekend right? After all what are computers for? LOL I just know that having this many days off and not leaving town was not the best thing for me to do, but then I also know that had I have gone to SLC I would have spent more so I guess it justifies it right? Tell me I am right ladies I need support here..... Well hope you all get a little laugh out of this post, I know I did!
I also found this blog of Katie's that tells you how to get these cool signatures they have lots to choose from so go check them out. Mine looks very similar to my own writing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh no more Easter Cards!

I don't know what it is about this little bunny but I love her and so do the people who buy my cards! I had 6 of her made and they all sold to one person, so needless to say I have been busy today making more. I have orders from 3 other people and sell quite a few just showing them at work. She is such a fun image to color and I really liked the pop of the orange in this one. I have a few other images I will upload pictures to hopefully later today. What will I do when Easter is over? Thank you all for dropping by and checking out the ladies that I tagged, they really have some great stuff on their blogs and who couldn't use a little love right?? Have a great day everyone! Chick

Monday, March 10, 2008

I've been tagged! KeriLou at A Country Life tagged me the other day and I have been so busy lately I haven't had time until now to get this done. KeriLou's blog is so great she even has pictures of Dead animals on her walls... LOL I really enjoyed the deer holding the gun, I think my thoughts to her were be careful with that one! Anyway go check out her blog it is fun and she does a great job. Here are the rules: (They are simple): 1. Link to the person that tagged you 2. Post the rules on your blog 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself 4. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs 5. let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site..Now, here are my 6 non-important things/habits/quirks! 1. I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) No, really don't feel bad for me I am not an over the top person that is really awful about it, the only thing I am that way about is people seeing my house dirty. I can't stand that, don't ever show up at my door unannounced. I like a call to have 5 minutes to straighten everything up a little. I can truly say I feel terrible for people with this habit, it is hard to live with. 2. I hate doing laundry so now that my kids are grown up and out of the house my husband has taken over that duty, (along with most everything else..) these days. I do so much stamping I don't have a lot of time. :) 3. I love my children, but am so happy to have grown children! I can't tell you how much I must smile when I am in a store and someone has an out of control child, you know the one I think we all have one. (If we have kids that is, and if not it's your husband) I really enjoy my husband and I being alone again. So much freedom, I know some of you probably think this is terrible but you will understand when your children have been gone a few years! 4. I am somewhat hard headed... I hate to admit this here, but admit it alot verbally. It runs in my family though and most of them won't ever admit it! If any of you read it you know I am right. I am talking brothers and sisters, mom etc. I don't think any of them read this thing anyway as the all think I am crazy for spending time doing stamping. 5. I am the biggest homebody you have ever seen, I love to stay home! I work but on my days off I would much rather be home than even shopping! I know you are all saying hello??? I live in such a small town there really is not much for shopping and scrapbooking and stamping almost zilch. I have to go to Salt Lake City and we do about every 2 to 3 weeks. We moved here from the Phoenix metro area and it has been a huge adjustment, but love the small town life also. No traffic jams and the lines are much smaller if there are any.... :) 6. I just love being me more than anything, and I am grateful for all the people in my life. I hope that I did this justice and have given you a little insight to me as a person. Okay, here are the ladies I am tagging: 1. Vickie Waugh Vickie has some fantastic work on her blog, be sure to check out her scrapbook pages! 2. Jackie I love Jackies blog, she has some fun cards and lots of links to some really great blogs, I have checked them out numerous times. 3. Paula Ponders Paula has tons of cards and some great tutorials on her blog, you will love her stuff. 4. Card Creme I found Sherrie by looking for a tutorial about copics, she has a great one, now I just need to get them and try it out. Check her out ladies you won't be disappointed. 5. Flossie's Follies She has some great stuff, and I like hers because she says she is to old to have a My Space... You are never too old for anything you would like to have Flo! Go for it My space isn't just for kids anymore. She does some great cards and has some cute cats. 6. Erin Bigler Erin is a new design team member of Clear Dollar Stamps, drop her a note to tell her congratulations and check out her wonderful blog while your there.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sorry I haven't updated lately I was out of town at my Daughter's wedding in Reno. It was so much fun and it turned out beautiful, but then I suppose I am somewhat biased.... It was a fabulous trip and the weather there was spectacular, it was in the mid 60's a few of the days. I love nice weather, and being in that area for 12 years made me wish I was there now.

Here is an Easter card I did today, my first day back at stamping. Do you all have withdrawls when you don't have your "stuff"? I took some things to work on but since I flew and Husband drove a few days later I was limited in what I could take with me. I really missed having everything I may need, Of course I could have bought it all but that would be crazy! I purchased these online before I left because I just love this image it is made by Whipper Snapper, they have some fabulous images and I couldn't resist this one. I have two others and have posted one of them on my SCS gallery.

Details: SU Paper, Barely Banana, Pretty in Pink, and Gable Green, Happy Easter sentiment is from Paper Inspirations. Brads are SU also and the ribbon ??? Hope you like her as much as I do, I left the background plain for a simple card. Hope you are all having a wonderful week, I will drop by and see you on your blogs soon, can't wait to check out all the new cards.