Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stampin' Day today!

Wow, it has been so long since I have stamped or posted anything. I am so excited I stamped some Thank You cards that were simple but yet I think they will do the trick. They are made with Nice and Easy Notes from Stampin' Up and I used copics to color them. The colors are E Eggplant, O Olive and S Sun. These are to give to people that helped us on Saturday with our Company Picnic. We had a great day, Dan (DH) and I sold shaved ice at the event also it was a blast. There were approx. 450 people who came and we planned games for the adults and children. Our business has been just crazy this summer, it has been sunny and hot so a nice cold shaved ice goes down pretty well. Then about a month ago we added coffee and blended drinks, such as blended coffees, smoothies and Tea based smoothies. They have really been doing well. Our town has the largest free concert in the state, at the end of July, this place was hopping. It has been nice being so busy this summer, but we are also looking forward to late fall for some time off. Working full time along with running the business on the weekends has been a real adjustment for me. I even took a vacation day today, just to have a day off. It has been wonderful!