Friday, September 12, 2008

Mirror Lake UT

Here they are, that teardrop DH built is so much fun to camp in. If you have never seen one they are only big enough to sleep in and the kitchen is obviously on the outside. It is a 4 x 8 length total. He has built 3 of them the last one is aluminum sided and is a 5 x 10 which will hold a queen size bed or close to it. The area we camped in is North eastern UT around Kamas. It is gorgeous up there and there are tons of little lakes for fishing. Many of them must be hiked into or if you bring horses you can ride in. Very fun area for adults and children to go to.
Hi everyone, just had to take a few minutes today to play with my new stamps and make a Halloween Card. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love fall and watching kids having fun on Halloween. I have to be home on that evening to see all the cute little outfits that the little ones wear. I am still working weekends for a while longer so posts will still remain sporadic for a bit, but I promise as soon as I am done I WILL BE BACK! I am going to post some pictures of our recent camping trip (only one we got to take... :( ) for everyone to see. The area is gorgeous if you ever get a chance to go.