Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hillbillie Matthew

Here's a little story, we have some neighbors and they have the cutest little guy who is 3 now, his name is Matthew. Matthew is the smallest Hillbillie I have ever seen. Matthew is the wild child who does things like pee off the back porch and wears a Festus looking hat for those of you old enough to remember Gunsmoke! Anyway they took a trip to Yellowstone last year and the tourists took more pictures of Matthew because of his Hat! Karen (his Mom) said they were like paparazzi, it was so bad. So needless to say I thought immediately of Matthew when I saw this little guy. Hope you all like the story of Matthew and the card that portrays him!


Lauri said...

How cute! I do remember Festus and Gunsmoke, too...and I have a great picture in my head of what Matthew much look like!

Deb said...

This is adorable and Matthew sounds like a cutie!!

KraftyKerilou said...

Sounds like this fits Matthew perfectly!! My DS was like that as a toddler, too! Adorable card!

Joani said...

He is the most adorable! And yes, I had a crush on Festus!
Great work!