Saturday, May 10, 2008

Michelle Zindorf Style

How is everyone's Saturday going? I have been wanting to try a Michelle Zindorf style card for sometime now and although I tried yesterday I just couldn't do it. So I started over today and wallah! I think I got a pretty close one. I did two but my brayer leaves black marks even after being cleaned. How many of you have tried one of these cards? If you would like to check out one of Michelle tutorials here is a link to her blog. She has tons of them, have fun with it. I would love to see a link to yours, please feel free to leave me one. I will come over to your place and check it out. I have added quite a few blogs on my blog roll this week and hope to do some more soon. Hope you all have a wonderful stampin' day!


Lauri said...

I have not tried this technique, and I am looking for something different to do tonight so I will check it out! Your card came out wonderful!

Deb said...

This is gorgeous, how'd I miss it? Now I really think your the one that has been taking classes. This is perfect!!

Riet said...

Hello, your card is lovely.
Beautiful work.
I am also a fan of MZ.
If you take a look at my blog you will see that I love her style.