Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sarah Kay

I didn't get my new Dog Gone Stamps today but I did however get this and 3 other darling Sarah Kay Stamps. This little girl reminds me so much of my daughter when she was little I just had to have it. Forgive the coloring, I don't think it turned out the best it is anyway. I am going to try to get my blog candy together and put it on sometime this week, just a hint I have asked Nancy with Dog Gone Stamps to donate some of her darling stamps and she said yes! So I just need to decide what else will be going with it and let you all know. Check back more later.


LINDA said...

This is adorable!! You did a fantastic job with it..Ive tryed to order this stamp, but its always out of stock.Lovely work.. Hugs Linda

Kristine B. said...

Hi Jean...well I think your coloring is wonderful! I adore Sarah Kay, as well as Elizabeth Bell and Magnolias. LOVE your cuttlebugged bg too!

And I just read your comment on my sister's blog and you are so lucky that your hubby does the laundry! Mine doesn't cook OR how unfair is that? LOL But he does work hard and provide, so I can't complain too much. :)
btw, I just posted blog candy if you'd like to take a lookie!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I love this stamp. It is so precious. You did a wonderful job!!

Jacilynn said...

Love this Jean! Great Coloring.

Lisa F said...

How CUTE! I keep drooling over the Sarah K stamps - this one is ADORABLE! Great card! Hope you get your DGS soon!